About our Foxhounds

The hounds of the Lake of Two Mountains Hunt were all purebred English Foxhounds registered with the American Foxhound Association.   We now have Penn-Marydel hounds.

We chose these hounds because we needed a smaller hound with a big beautiful voice.  They are a more practical hound for our modern times.  We no longer have huge terrain on which the hounds can run far and wide.  We are now more restricted in movement and these hounds are a better match for said land.  They are smaller and more efficient and most cost effective.    They are a hound created by Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware. 

Hounds are counted in couples; two hounds being one couple and one hound being a half-couple. One hound - a half-couple is always added to the pack on a hunting day as it is considered unlucky to take an even number of hounds out hunting.

A bitch (female) hound is sometimes an inch shorter than a dog (male) hound. The head of a hound should have a quality look about it with bright, inquiring eyes; a jaunty deportment, lolling tongue and a foxy grin shows a happy disposition.

It's rare that a hound will bite a human, as hounds are very friendly and love to be petted. Contrary to popular belief, even though they are a kennel dogs, they love to live in private homes.  In fact, we at the Lake of Two Mountains;  have often retired hounds to private homes.  We have placed many a hound all over Canada and the only complaint from new parents is that they have to fight over the couch.  They love to sleep on them.  We do require that all hounds adopted from us (upon approved homes)   have a fenced in backyard and be walked on leashes as they alway retain the instinct to hunt.  We have also placed young hounds which show no real interest in being part of the pack. 

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