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The Lake of Two Moutains Hunt Club

2007 marks  the 61st  anniversary.


The Lake of Two Mountains  Hunt Club was founded in 1946 and consider ourselves a drag hunt. The uniform is scarlet with peacock blue collar.   Evening dress is scarlet with peacock blue facings. 

Past and present masters of the hunt are:  James F. Davis (1946-47), St. George Harvey (1947-48), W.F. McBride (1947-53), Air Vice Marshal Adelard Raymond (1952-55), H.J. O’Connell (1955-77), George Jacobsen (1958-1994), Cmdr. F.W.R.Angus (1963-1983), Jacques E. Courtois (1977 – 94), Ludwid Walch (1991 – 1996), Bernard Billard (1995 – 96), Robert White (1997- 2000  ), Dr. Eric Lenczner ( 1994. to present) and Ret, Lt Julien Allard ( 2005 to present).

The County of Vaudreuil was the original territory of the hunt, the club  has since extended its territory westward to the area around Eastern Ontario.  The hunt boundaries cover a 180 square mile area and consists of open and plough fields and woodlands with several rivers Jumps are post-and rails, coops, ditches and the odd ravine.

In September, the club holds its  annual hunter trial horse show in Glen Robertson Ontario.  This  event includes Hat judging and a picnic contest as well as a parade of hounds with the huntsman and entire field drawing crowds of 500 spectators. 

Our first official huntsman was Mr. Raymond Cotter who arrived from England in 1952, then Mr. Ted Clarke came from the UK in 1957. He was followed by Mr. Alfie Smith Sr. from England in 1962 with the help of his son Alfie Smith Jr as whipper-in.  Alfie Smith Jr. took over the pack in 1980 and retired in 2004 .He was replaced by our present huntsman Mr. Francois Seguin.  The hounds are now housed at Forever Green Stables in Glen Robertson Ontario.

The Lake of Two Mountains Hunt is proud of its friendly and supportive membership and it offers a sincere welcome to new members.  It has the absolutely fabulous support of the local farming community who generously allow the use of their properties.  Visitors are welcome.

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